Jokisch Anti-Spatter / Nozzle Dip Fluid

The following table provides a quick guide for Jokisch Anti-Spatter spray distributed by Intercon. A more detailed explanation of the product is given via the link. This product does not contain any silicone, 1.1.1 trichloroethane, methylene chloride or chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).

Product Shortcuts: LB-100W | LB-100P | LB-100C

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Product Description




Jokisch LB-100W
Anti-Spatter and MIG
Gun Protector; Aerosol Applicator
425ml/15oz per can
For spraying a light protective film on workpiece, jig, fixture and MIG nozzles to prevent spatter adherence. Suitable for MIG and stick weld applications. Especially suited to mild steel and stainless steel welding. Can be used on aluminum, but must be sprayed on sparingly. Easy removal of slag on seam and V-welds. No sticking of the spatter to the workpiece, MIG gun or contact tips. Contains no silicone or other additives whch may complicate priming, painting, galvanizing, etc. Will not produce porosity or pinholes in weld seams. Considerably reduces clean-up time and abrasives consumption.
Jokisch LB-100P
PREMIXED Liquid Anti-Spatter and
MIG Gun Protector.
For spraying a light protective film on workpiece, jig, fixture and MIG nozzles to prevent spatter adherence. Suitable for MIG, stick and robotic weld applications. No sticking of spatter to workpieces, jigs, fixtures and MIG nozzles. Will not create porosity or pinholes in welds. Will not affect painting, priming, galvanizing, etc, afterwards. Contains no chlorinated solvents, resulting in no hazardous fumes during use. Very economical and reduces abrasive consumption and clean-up time. Allows for easy removal of stains and oxides associated with stainless welding. Has a saftey value 60 times higher than required for a NON-TOXIC rating.
Jokisch LB-100C
Mix ratio: 1 part LB-100 to 3 parts water. Then should be used like LB-100 PREMIXED.
Jokisch CF-1111
MIG Gun Nozzle and
Contact Tip Gel.
For dipping hot nozzles into, which prevents spatter build up and longer nozzle life. For MIG nozzles and contact tips. May be brushed onto threaded materials where spatter resistance is required. Extends nozzle and contact tip life. 50% less fumage generated compared to other nozzle gels, contains no silicone. Available in handy, long lasting, steel containers.
Jokisch HSL-1Aluminum Spray
A specially designed, refillable, manual spray bottle for dispensing Jokisch LB-100 Anti-spatter in a fine aerosol mist. Built in mind for industrial use and longevity. The HSL-1 Aluminum Sprayer has a strong (spun aluminum) base that is spatter-resistant, and will not melt down if placed on a hot surface. The spray head is made of high strength PVC plastic designed for industrial applications. The nozzle provides a fine spray resulting in proper application and economy.
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